Do you have to have good credit to use a factoring company?

Your business credit rating has no impact on the application and approval process for factoring billing. It also doesn't have any impact on the rates you'll get. A company with poor credit or with a limited credit history may qualify, since its credit does not reflect its ability to receive money from its customers. Truck factoring is an excellent solution for truck drivers whose credit or business has been affected in recent years.

Trucking startups, owner-operators, and transportation agents also benefit from factoring freight bills even with credit that doesn't. With reliable cash flow, your transportation company can meet its financial goals without going into even more debt or worrying about Repaying the loan with high interest rates. Don't let your past difficulties affect your chances of having a successful business. Let us match your trucking business to the best freight factoring company for financing, regardless of your financial past.

Factoring approval varies widely from one freight factoring company to another, but many factors can fund transportation companies with financial problems. We know what transportation factors can cause your company to be funded, despite poor credit, previous bankruptcies, or even tax liens (provided there is an agreement with the IRS). Don't waste time or energy looking for a freight factoring company to finance your business, we'll provide you with the right one for your financial situation. Don't forget the fuel discount cards that will save your transportation company a lot of money on fuel costs.

You may be concerned that each form of “loan” requires a credit check and a thorough examination of your business performance now or your company's performance in the past. The good news is that invoice factoring has a different set of requirements that don't include your potential poor credit score. The process is simple and the news is good. Establishing a TCI Business Capital accounts receivable factoring line is a simple 1 to 3 process.

If a lack of available cash is holding back your business, talk to a TCI Business Capital representative today and find out how factoring can become part of your success. If the customer passes the verification and credit test, the accounts receivable factoring process will proceed as desired. We'll analyze your cash flow situation and your needs, and offer you a free, no-obligation consultation and quote for a factoring line. Factoring is different because it provides a continuous source of capital by anticipating money in your bills.

Cheryl Conner, a Forbes contributor, describes alternative funding and, specifically, invoice factoring, as a lending alternative that could, in fact, increase a company's revenues. Companies that want to take advantage of factoring services don't need to complete a credit check to qualify for the accounts receivable factoring process. One of the best things about factoring freight for people with bad credit is that it can help improve their credit score. A healthy accounts receivable balance with stable customers ensures a factoring line that grows as work grows.

Qualifying for invoice factoring isn't complicated, but it does come with some requirements for business owners. In fact, the regular cash flow and financial stability that invoice factoring provides can help you increase your score, attract new customers, build credibility, and grow your business. Invoice factoring allows you to increase your cash flow based on your customer's creditworthiness. When choosing factoring for trucking, you'll always have a stable source of working capital to pay bills on time.

Establish open communication with your factor to keep up to date with invoices and potential problems with your customers. .

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